Our job is to make sure that you get the qualifications that you deserve. So, if you happen to fall short in eligibility for a qualification that you really want, don’t fret, we’ll have one of our expert trainers bring you up to speed at your convenience. It’s a part of our ‘gap training’ service. It’s quick, easy and will ensure that you get qualified.

MySkills makes getting qualified an easy, hassle free and rewarding experience. It’s the reason why our clients speak so highly of us. Invest a few minutes into completing our no cost skills assessment and start your journey to a recognised qualification today.


You can complete our free skills review online to see what qualifications you can apply for. We will review your submission and provide feedback based on your results.

Your Qualification 20%


After we have reviewed your skills review we will provide you with access to our online portal. This is where you can complete a checklist of your skills and experience to confirm that you are ready for RPL.

Your Qualification 40%

Step 1. Enrolment

Submit your enrolment documents online and start collecting your evidence documents.

Your Qualification 60%

Step 2. Submit Your Evidence

Submit your evidence online. You will have the opportunity to discuss your evidence with a qualified assessor.

Your Qualification 80%

Step 3. Get Your Qualification

Your assessor will confirm your competency when all requirements are met. When deemed competent you will receive your qualification.

Your Qualification 100%