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Get your business skills nationally recognised without actually having to set foot in a classroom. Save up to 70% off through Required Prior Learning (RPL). Quick, easy, support every step of the way. 100% tax deductable for your business.

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MySkills Recognised Prior Learning (RPL) benefits

With your current skills and experience you can earn a Diploma of Busienss (BSB50215) simply by formalising your work-life experience to give you the credentials you and your business deserves.



Save time, money and the hassle of studying

The MySkills RPL process is quick and simple. A MySkills RPL assessor will be assigned to you to check your work and experience evidence. You could get qualified quickly for $1,200 100% tax deductible for your business.


Potential RPL Outcomes

  • Receive a Diploma of Business OR..
  • Receive a Statement of Attainment OR..
  • Be advised of any GAP training required to complete the diploma


Why go through the RPL process

  • Command a higher rate of pay
  • Reduce time and cost to obtain a qualification
  • Re-enter the workforce
  • Establish a career path
  • Position yourself in a career of your choice
  • Commence a higher qualification at university via a pathway
  • Build on your resume
  • Become recognised amongst your peers and employer

“After getting my Diploma of Business through MySkills it helped me to instill confidence in my clients, my brand and myself”

Nancy, Sydney April 2016

Turn your skills into a qualification

The RPL process is simple and eays to obtain for someone like you.
You have the experience

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