Change is inevitable, yes; we just went back to high school. As much as we may try to resist it, change is ultimately the most constant part of our lives. Regardless of what form the change comes in, be it career, relationships, relocating or even your hairstyle, changes need to be embraced as it is part of the perpetual motion of life. Subconsciously we all know adaptation to new changes is the only way to thrive in our constant and fast-paced lives, so prior to anxiously shunning any possibility of change, let’s run through a quick checklist.
  1. Be aware. What exactly is changing in my life?
  2. How can I be grateful for this change?
  3. How can I look forward to the changes that have been made?
  4. Move forward. How can I live my life having decided that this is what is meant for me?
Your career can shift and change in different directions, and you need to be prepared. Take individuals who’ve been working in the same company, position, location (even using the same parking spot) for years on end may wake up one day to find that they are no longer needed. You may wake up and realize that you aren’t happy or fulfilled in your career, which may be met with a lot of questions. To some, this presents itself as a frightening situation, but to others seen as a new and exciting pathway to new challenges and experiences. This shift can been seen in a positive light, as it allows you to:
  • Move towards greater passions or career desires.
  • Let go of situations that you may not have let go of on your own.
  • Be outside your comfort zone, which can be healthy and rewarding.
  • Discover a greater happiness and self-actualisation.
  • Have the opportunity to get to test yourself in different areas and surprise yourself with new skills you didn’t know you had.
  • Potentially earn more money and gain greater professional experience.
If you aspire towards gaining acknowledgement in the workforce, sometimes a career change is necessary. Change will happen regardless if you’re ready to embrace it or not, although those who adapt the fastest and welcome change into their lives are those who usually advance the most in their careers and in life. Be one of those people.

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