Regardless of your profession, there is a qualification that you likely deserve. Whether you’re in IT, Management, Hospitality, Childcare, Transportation, or any other field, MySkills is here to help you.

At MySkills, we believe that experience matters. Unfortunately, without a recognised qualification, it can be almost impossible to properly demonstrate your skills and experience to potential employers, customers, colleagues and the public. Our organisation has been specifically built to fix this very problem.

As a proud member of the Vocational, Education, Training and Employment (VETEA) family, we have direct access to a network of over 13 education, training and employment organisations. Our entire network all work together to help determine exactly which qualifications you deserve to have.

With access to over 400 recognised qualifications, nation and industry wide, we are in a unique position to be able to help you achieve your goal of becoming a qualified professional and getting the recognition you deserve.


“We specialise in turning your skills and experience into a Nationally Recognised Qualification.”