Everyone after an interview is guilty of staring at his or her phone, waiting for it to ring or notify you on a new email. After a few days you begin to worry, and then begin to think of other reasons why they have not contacted you, such as:
  • Their email must have went to my spam inbox
  • I missed their call and they left a voicemail and I wasn’t notified.
  • Or even you begin to question if you put the right email or phone number on your resume, even though they had previously contacted you for the interview.
Rather than worry for a week, here are 5 sneaky clues to know straight after your interview if you impressed them with your skills, or the alternative you will never hear from them again…  
  1. There was future talk about career possibilities at the company and they discuss the starting date and salary expectations.
  2. The length of the interview can tell you a lot of about its success. For instance if it goes to schedule, there is nothing to worry about. If it runs over, even better. However, if it finishes in less than 15 minutes, I wouldn’t be waiting by the telephone and singing ‘ring ring, why don’t you give me a call’ from ABBA.
  3. The interviewer seemed to be enjoying the conversation and did not come across distracted. Therefore it reveals a good convergence of communication and body language.
  4. They may have discussed the work culture and information about the people who work there. Even better, if they introduce you to the team and show you around the office, it’s may be time to get your hopes up.
  5. If they ask for references, this is a very good sign. It means they are taking the time to further invest in you and want to fast track the process.
However don’t start celebrating just yet, life may throw a curve-ball and give that job to someone whom is more qualified and experienced than you. If you are unsuccessful in an interview, it is always good to get feedback for future reference, so that the next time you can beat the competition!

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