1. Two Words “The Commute”

Some city slickers have their opal cards permanently glued to their hands. Some refuse public transport and live their second life as a sitting duck in morning and afternoon traffic. Either way, if you happened to ask, not many people would tell you that their commute too and from the city is ‘pleasant’ or ‘relaxing’. You’ll be lucky to hear ‘bearable’. Those of you who work 9-5 understand the struggle. Basically, the issue is too many people on trains that are too small with too few seats. Whether your trip is 20 minutes or 2 hours, no one appreciates standing without the ability to move or determine just who keeps rubbing against their back.

2. When Hunger Strikes

Now this is probably the best and the scariest thing about working in the city. When you first see the food courts of Pitt Street Mall or QVB its like you’ve entered into the gates of heaven. So much food  incredibly delicious looking (and tasting) food in such a small space that you won’t know where to look. Lets just say now that if you work in the city, you don’t have to be scared of boring lunches. But there’s a catch. While your taste buds might be living a dream life, your waistline and wallet will eventually wake you up and bring you crashing down back to reality.

3. Fancy Dress (Better known as ‘Formal Attire’)

Working in the centre of the corporate world in short means fancy dress. More specifically formal dress or the infamous ‘smart casual’. While this may make you look and feel like a successful professional who has their life together, corporate clothing is not always cheap.

4. The Party Never Ends. Literally Never.

There are people everywhere. Its not uncommon for you to see protests, singers, performers, roadwork and just general yelling all before 10am.

5. Your Wallet

The range of high quality food, products and services in intricately decorated buildings which are all in walking distance of each other comes at a cost. A high cost.

6. The View

This will vary depending on where exactly in the city you work. As an employee you could be starting at a bleak office and passing grey building after grey building. If you’re lucky enough though, you may be one of the few who work along harbourside views, gazing at the Opera house, cruise ships and yachts as they glide by.

7. The Competition Is Fierce

When it comes to working in the city, for many individuals it’s a rough business of all work and no play. When there’s 50 candidates all fighting for your job or you’re boss tells you that only one person in the office will win the promotion, you can be sure everyone will step up their game.

8. Opportunities are plenty

When there’s a hundred other businesses in the same industry within a 50km radius, moving between workplaces and progressing in your career is simplified dramatically. Bigger businesses can also mean greater opportunities for promotion.

9. Inspiration and Diversity

As a multicultural nation, Australia’s CBD’s are a mix of every culture you could think to name. So when it comes to meeting new co-workers, customers, and random passer-byers or trying new cafes and restaurants, you’ll be sure to experience a taste of foreign ethnic culture.

10. The Nightlife

When you’re done with a hard weeks (or even days work) you don’t have to walk far for post-work entertainment and drinks.

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